Lo Dough

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    1 product

    Lo Dough is the quick and easy way to reduce calories and carbs in all your favourite meals.

    No matter what diet you’re on, it’s easy to feel like you’re missing out or worst still, suffer from food cravings. When cutting calories or following a low-carbohydrate diet, bread is one of the main things people find difficult to cut out.

    That’s why we invented Lo-Dough. A convenient food innovation made entirely from just protein and fibre, it’s your answer to reducing calories and carbs in 100s of dishes.

    By using Lo-Dough instead of traditional bread products, pizza, kebabs and burritos become dishes that fit into a balanced and nutritious diet.

    Lo-Dough is your secret weapon to feeling full and satisfied without loading up on excess calories or feeling bloated.

    Join thousands of people losing weight, managing their blood sugar levels and hitting their macros by simply swapping to Lo-Dough.

    Made entirely from protein and fibre.

    We’re really particular about what goes into Lo-Dough. We can assure you we only use the finest quality ingredients, all independently shown to have their own health benefits.

    Quality ingredients and the innovative, lengthy production process means Lo-Dough is expensive for us to produce and that’s why you won’t find anything similar to Lo-Dough in the supermarket. We think it’s worth it though, for the convenience of reducing carbs AND calories in all the foods you thought you had to cut back.