Flavour Drops

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3 products

Cutting fat and sugar from your diet doesn’t have to mean your meals are bland and boring. Our range of flavour drops lets you naturally flavour food and drinks without taking-on extra calories.

All the flavour, none of the guilt.

What Are Flavour Drops?

Flavour drops are water-soluble flavourings designed to add specific tastes (depending on your flavour drop of choice) to drinks or meals.

Most flavour drops contain little to no sugar, fat or calories, making them a popular choice among those following specific diets, counting their macros or working towards a particular weight loss, fitness or muscle-building goal.

Take your morning coffee, for example. Lattes, cappuccinos and everything in between is laden with hundreds of ‘empty’ calories that do little to boost the body or mind. 

Going black, however, is hard to stomach, and the taste is too extreme for many. Rather than forgo your commuting cup of java, you can always add a splash of almond milk to your mug with a flavour drop of your choice. Fan of toffee in your coffee? There’s a flavour drop for that.