Pre-Workout Shots

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5 products

Get More Energy

The perfect alternative to traditional pre-workout powders.

Gone are the days of downing a huge shake before your workout. Our quick, delicious pre-workout shot delivers everything you need in one hit.

It’s time to give training your best shot. Our super-convenient pre-workout shot is packed unique blend of nutrients and popular pre-workout ingredients, including caffeine, to kick-start your workout and have you firing on all cylinders.

These come in a convenient ready-to-drink 60-millilitre bottle and are made to be highly fast-acting, so you can take them right before you go to the gym.

Each pre-workout shot was made to help you perform at your best during those intense workouts and raise your level of training.

Containing a high Caffeine and Beta-Alanine content and is fortified with B Vitamins to blast you through those intense workouts and ensure optimum performance.