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10 products

Stim-Free Pre-Workouts in Ireland

Looking for a pre-workout supplement without the 'caffeine crash'?

If you've spent time in a gym in the past decade, you're probably familiar with the benefits of a good pre-workout supplement.

You know, things like increased strength, endurance, power, heightened energy, mood, and focus. 

You're probably also familiar with their downsides—energy crashes, disrupted sleep, jitters, nausea, indigestion, and more. 

Even if you have yet to encounter these problems, you've probably noticed that your pre-workout supplement has become less effective over time as your body becomes desensitized to caffeine

Not everyone wants the eye-popping rush from a high-stimulant energy supplement, so we have dedicated this section to a selection of stimulant-free pre-workouts. Get the most out of your training session without the 'crash'. Get your blood and muscles pumping with our range of stim-free pre-workout supplements!