Cream of Rice

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About Cream of Rice

The landscape of the health food and supplement industry is constantly evolving and never stationary. Over the past couple of years, many brands have been releasing something called ‘Cream of Rice’, especially in the UK and Europe.

Cream of Rice is an easy-to-make, delicious and easy-to-digest rice cereal.

That’s a brilliant source of complex carbohydrates. It’s produced from finely ground white rice and often comes in packets to mix with water or milk when you want to enjoy a serving.

Bodybuilders have benefited for decades from the abundant supply of complex carbohydrates that rice provides in the form of baby rice, rice pudding, and cream of rice. The GI index of cream of rice ranges from moderate to mild, making it an excellent energy booster.

Ideal for anyone looking to add quality calories to their diet and initially popularised by bodybuilders, it’s proven to be very beneficial to endurance athletes and those who might struggle to keep energy levels steady throughout the day.