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    Elivar is the world's first range of sports nutrition tailored specifically for athletes and active sports people over 35, and it's Irish.


    The science is clear – the body’s needs change as you get older*, but you’d never know that from the sports nutrition products on the market today. We couldn't find a single one designed for endurance athletes over 35. But why is that? If anything, your need for specialised nutrition increases with age.

    Len Dunne - Elivar Co-Founder

    We both rowed at International level so we know what following a tough training regime feels like. Over the years we've moved on to competing in other endurance sports like Triathlons and Sportives and experienced for ourselves how the body responds differently to training.

    The plain fact is that your physiology (not to mention your work life balance) does change. It gets harder to maintain muscle mass, absorb and synthesize vitamins or maintain strong joints and bones. That’s why after a hard session it can take longer to recover or your immune system is weaker and you can pick up more coughs and colds.

    Our relationship with sport has also changed over the years - while we are still seeking performance, today our focus is on our general health & well being. We balance the desire to compete with healthier choices when it comes to what we eat, including the kinds of sugars we consume when we train. We also prefer our caffeine in an espresso rather than a gel!

    Donal Hanrahan - Elivar Co-Founder

    It seemed to us that we needed a tailored nutrition system. Talking to fellow athletes and nutritional experts strengthened that conviction to a point where we quit our jobs to start Elivar.

    We selected an expert team of world class nutritionists and food scientists to create products that really work. They give you energy when you need it, and recovery support to get you to the next training session in great shape. And long term, they’ll help you maintain a healthy body by working with you to support your lifestyle and training goals.

    So whether it’s a marathon, cycle sportive, triathlon, open water swim event or just a challenging training session, Elivar keeps you performing at your best without compromising your health. The science will tell you that, and so will your body.

    * “Nutritional Considerations for the Older Athlete”. Department of Foods and Nutrition, Purdue University.