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    The Cali Cali Story

    It all began in the Summer of 2018 with a meeting of minds and one statement …that bland food leads to boredom and boredom leads to take-out! So began the mission of the founders of Cali Cali (Niall McGrath, Tom Gannon and Donal Skehan) to develop a brand that gave consumers a beacon of (orange) light in the confusing category of healthy food and snacking that brought the two worlds of ‘healthy living & eating’ together with the flavours of ‘foods of the world’. 

    Their mission is to make healthy eating tasty, interesting and easy while positively impacting on society and the environment While on holidays in California fit food entrepreneurs Niall + Tom met up with LA resident and fellow Dubliner chef Donal Skehan and over Korean BBQ taco’s the trio hatched a plan to mix together and then take the melting pot of Californian street food flavours and the latest Californian healthy eating trends to Europe with a new brand they created ‘Cali Cali’. 

    From the very beginning, the trio approached their business in a different way – there would be no compromise at Cali Cali. Flavour, quality and healthy benefits were of the utmost importance. This mindset led them on a number of adventures from northern San Francisco all the way to the tip of Baja California in Mexico seeking out the authentic new and old flavours California …from small batch beef jerky in Monterrey to family recipes of hot sauce in the street markets of Cabos…it was on these trips that they decided to launch not just one style or category of product but a range of products across a number of categories so long as they stayed true to their mission.