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Vit-Hit Immunitea - Dragonfruit & Yuzu
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Vit-Hit - 12x 500ml

Vit-Hit - 12x 500ml

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Product Description

VITHIT is a vitamin drink that has no calories, and no sugar and contains all seven of your recommended daily allowances of essential vitamins!

VITHIT Benefits:

  • 70% Less Sugar the standard vitamin drinks
  • 100% RDA of Essential Vitamins
  • 300mg of Healthy Green Tea in every bottle
  • Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Less calories than an apple

"It's like fruit & vitamins had a party in your mouth, but sugar didn't get the invite!"

The ultimate health drink is VITHIT, a one-of-a-kind combination of water, juice, tea, and vitamins. VITHIT is the ideal replacement for drinks high in calories and sugar thanks to its six exotic flavours and fewer than 35 calories per bottle. While tasting fantastic, each VITHIT Bottle contains 70% less sugar than standard vitamin drinks. Are you ready to improve your own health?

Vit-Hit Immunitea

Immunitea - Dragonfruit + Yuzu


When did pink become so hard? This beverage resembles a pink monster truck with big pink wheels and pink furry dice in the window, crushing everything in its path. IMMUNITEA is tougher than a diamond-tipped woodpecker's pecker, stronger than a Mongolian cage fighter who has been eating asparagus for a week, and even more long-lasting than that bunny with the drum who will not stop drumming! Yes, you need to don your pink pants these days if you want to finish a job! beyond IMMUNITEA's borders.

IMMUNITEA is a delicious juice made with Dragonfruit, Yuzu, and Ceylon tea that improves health. Additionally, the natural teas we use contribute 4 mg of caffeine to each bottle of IMMUNITEA. An average cup of English tea contains 55 mg of caffeine, for comparison.

Vit-Hit Lean & Green

Lean & Green - Apple + Elderflower


They say that all you need is love. So, after you've worked hard at the gym, walk by the sugary sports drink and let VITHIT save your backside. Literally. It's time for a tasty, low-calorie beverage with juice, water, L-carnitine, and mate tea.

LEAN & GREEN is a mouthwatering combination of Maté Tea, apple, and elderflower for a crisp, fresh flavour. Additionally, the natural teas contribute 14 milligrams of caffeine to each bottle of LEAN & GREEN. An average cup of English tea contains 55 mg of caffeine, for comparison.

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Love these

Love these drinks. Great range of flavours, and much nicer than taking vitamin tablets

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