Vit Hit

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    1 product

    VITHIT was created because of a lack of healthy drinks available in our fridges today. “Most drinks contain buckets of sugar. Sugar means calories, and people no longer want calories in their diet” says Gary Lavin, Managing Director and creator of VITHIT.

    “I created VITHIT because I used to see people on treadmills for 30 minutes burning calories, then coming off and taking those calories back in with a sports drink. Most sports drinks contain 180 calories, sugar and salts; not exactly ideal for weight loss. Our first mission was to make sure our drinks tasted as good or better than their sugary counterparts, then add as much goodness without compromising on taste”.

    VITHIT also contains 100% of your recommended daily allowance of 8 vitamins, plus health giving teas and herbs for overall wellbeing. Ian O’Rourke joined the company in ‘07 with a wealth of experience in the drinks business and takes care of the ‘fun stuff’ like logistics and financial planning.

    Both Gary and Ian’s partnership has gone from strength to strength to where VITHIT is now a very recognisable Irish brand which is exported to over a dozen countries worldwide. VITHIT has proven that with innovation and creativity, Irish brands can compete nationally and internationally in a tough, competitive, global marketplace. Who knew health could be so beneficial!