Wrist Support Wraps
Wrist Supports / Wraps (Pair)

Wrist Supports / Wraps (Pair)

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Product Description

Our Wrist Wraps promote an excellent quality and unique combination of style, comfort and endurance, with the perfect combination of durability and comfort.

Made of heavy-duty cotton elastic to support heavy lifting, dead lifts, and added strength. 
Thumb loop, for stable support.
Quality velcro
Our innovative, heavy-duty wrist wraps/support, protects and supports your wrists during all forms of training.
Helps to prevent wrist injuries during weight-lifting and all fitness activities.
Our wrist straps provide the ultimate support and protection for your wrists so you can blast your way past your current boundaries, you'll be amazed at your improved ability.

Sold as a pair.
Approximate measurements: 3 Inches Wide and 13 Inches in Length. One size fits all.

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