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Walden Farms Syrup - 355ml

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Product Description

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The Walden Way® Zero calories, net carbs, fat, sugars or gluten of any kind*

Pour on the rich sweetness of syrup without piling on the calories. Enjoy our four breakfast syrup varieties with pancakes, waffles or French toast, in yoghurt or oatmeal and as an ingredient in smoothies! Our three dessert syrups are the perfect topping over ice cream, to make a delicious chocolate milk, velvety shake, or get creative and make your favourite mocktail…the possibilities are endless!

0g Net Carbs per serving
Keto Friendly

More about Walden Farms Syrups

With Walden Farms Syrups, you can indulge in the same classic taste you know and love while staying on your healthy lifestyle journey. Since our syrup contains no sugar, carbs, gluten or cholesterol of any kind, you can rest assured that you’re not wasting calories! Pour on pancakes or get as creative with it as you like. Use as a smoothie ingredient, drizzle over veggies before roasting or upgrade your popcorn with it for a sweet and savoury treat.

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