Total War Pre Workout
total war pre workout
Redcon1 Total War Pre Workout - Blue Raspberry
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Total War Pre Workout

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Product Description

Redcon1's Total War is unlike any other pre-workout. Consider including Total War in your pre-workout routine if you want to push the limits of your training intensity.

Total War Pre-Workout by Redcon1 Benefits:

  • Enhanced focus,
  • Skin-splitting muscle pumps
  • Professional-grade
  • The award-winning formula for advanced pre-workout users

    A drink that contains all of the most vital ingredients for pre-workout use

    Total War is an all-in-one pre-workout that offers intense energy, laser focus, and skin-splitting muscle pumps by combining the most vital compounds. You won't be able to handle Total War, which will make you smash through obstacles and make you want to run to the gym right after playing!
    Redcon Total War is made for people who take their training seriously, avoid strenuous, intense workouts, and need a pre-workout with a decent pump blend to give them a stim and pump-based pre-workout to get through the most challenging workouts.

    Stimulant blend

    Several potent stimulants in Total War give you an insane amount of energy to get through long workouts. There are six powerful stimulants for you stim lovers out there!

    Pump Matrix

    A pre-workout rarely has pump enhancers that give you skin-splitting pumps in addition to high doses of stim-based ingredients. Total War has a significant amount of 6g of citrulline malate and 1g of agmatine sulfate, which help to produce long-lasting muscle pumps while training, which are essential for connecting muscles.

    Total War also has 3.2 grams of beta-alanine, which has been shown to support increases in muscle endurance and help buffer the buildup of lactic acid. This will delay the burning of muscle, which can often result in finishing your sets before reaching complete muscle failure.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    John Farrell

    Very good stuff

    Very Good

    I find the product very good and take before workout.

    Solid but nothing too special

    I don’t have anything against this pre workout but there is better out there. The taste is something I’m not a huge fan of (tigers blood) but of course it is subjective and I could see why you would like this particular flavour but personally not for me.


    One of my favourite pre-workouts. Good value and nice kick ;)

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