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Product Description

High-strength Resveratrol supplement with added black pepper extract for improved absorption.

Product highlights

  • 500mg of trans-resveratrol per tablet
  • Added black pepper extract for better absorption

A closer look at Max Strength Resveratrol

Maximum Strength

The biggest dose we could create - a whopping 1000mg of resveratrol each pill. It is between 2 and 10 times more potent than any other Resveratrol supplement.

Exceptional Value

You simply need to take 1 pill per day; each bottle of our medication comprises 90 tablets. Each bottle lasts for three months, and at this price, you might regret spending so much more money in the past on other brands if you compare the active components mg per mg to any of our rivals. lesser-quality goods

Powerful Antioxidant

Each tablets contain 1000mg of pure Resveratrol which is standardised to contain a massive 500mg of the antioxidant trans-resveratrol per tablet. This powerful antioxidant may provide a variety of health advantages and can shield the body from environmental threats.

Maximum Absorption

Each pill also contains 5 mg of black pepper extract, a substance that has been found to significantly promote the absorption of Resveratrol, to further boost the supplement's effectiveness.

Quality Assured

We spent two years looking for the best manufacturing partners who shared our principles in order to guarantee the highest quality, in addition to sourcing the purest ingredients. All of our products are produced in cutting-edge, multimillion-dollar facilities across the world. The supply chain is inspected and examined at each stage, as well as before and after the product

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