Nocco Focus - 12x 330ml
Nocco Focus - 12x 330ml

Nocco Focus - 12x 330ml

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Product Description

NOCCO Focus Ramonade has refreshing notes of rambutan, apple and melon that gets better with every taste. It's sugar-free and contains 180mg of caffeine & vitamins.

NOCCO has made a name for itself with its BCAA Energy drinks, but it doesn't stop there!

NOCCO's 'Focus' formula replaces the BCAAs with Green Tea Extract and extra vitamins, with the goal of not only increasing energy but also improving mental alertness and concentration!

As delicious and refreshing as ever - and, of course, still containing no carbs or sugar while delivering an impressive 180mg of workout-fueling, WOD-crushing caffeine!! - This focus-boosting recipe includes a green tea and vitamin cocktail to get you ready for whatever the day has in store.

Ramonade flavour reminds us of exotic rambutan fruit mixed with apple and melon.

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