Massage Gun
Massage Gun
Massage Gun
Massage Gun

Massage Gun

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Product Description

Deep Tissue Massage Gun with 30 Speeds, 5 Massage Heads and LCD touchscreen.

Massage Gun Benefits:

  • 30x Settings / Intensities
  • 5 Interchangeable Massage Heads
  • Quiet Motor
  • 12mm Amplitude
  • Handy Travel/Storage Box

Your Personal Massage Therapist

The handheld muscle massage gun improves overall wellness by increasing blood and lymphatic circulation, relieving muscle tension, post-workout fatigue, and muscle soreness. The massage gun can be used by anyone, including athletes, fitness coaches, and office workers.

Intensity Suits for Anyone

The powerful deep tissue massage gun has 30 speeds and provides different percussion intensities. You can set the intensity according to your preference.

A Week of Use Per Charge

Charging Time: 3 hours
Working Time: about 5 hours

Full Body Massage with 5 Massage Heads

The massage gun has 5 differently shaped massage heads for different body parts and muscle groups, which provides targeted massage to relieve muscle tension and soreness.

What do our customers say?

- "A really good massage machine that is excellent value. I use this in my legs after cycling, and recovery time is significantly reduced with less delayed onset muscle soreness."

- "Budget-friendly without compromising quality."

- "Amazingly fast relief for back pain :)."

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