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Ghost Legend Pre Workout V2 - 25 Servings

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Product Description

GHOST LEGEND pre-workout combines premium pump ingredients with a standout energy and focus formula that is perfect whenever you need it most.

Ghost Legend Pre Workout Benefits:

  • More energy, more pumps, more focus
  • Effective formula
  • Premium ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly
  • With flavour assortment

Power legendary in all forms

In 2016, GHOST LEGEND®, the most well-liked pre-workout, made its debut. Thanks to its distinctive design, fully transparent, effective formula, and true flavour collaboration, GHOST LEGEND® immediately became the impetus for some pretty spectacular sh*t in the world of sports nutrition—but that was just the beginning. To make it even better, we reformulated GHOST LEGEND® in 2018 to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience and take the next step in building a global brand together.

The GHOST LEGEND® sequel - in order to offer more energy, pumps, and attention than ever before, we totally revamped GHOST LEGEND®. No, the recipe hasn't only undergone a superficial modification. You thought you did well during your workouts to date? They will soon be f*cking brilliant.

L-Citrulline - 4G

Although it is more expensive, pure L-Citrulline delivers even better pumps without the potential for stomach discomfort caused by the additional acid (Citrulline Malate). Furthermore, since it is vegan fermented, GHOST LEGEND® is Vegan Friendly!*. One of the best pump ingredients available right now is citrulline.

Carnosyn® Beta Alanine - 3.2G

1.6, 2.4, 3.2, 4, and even 6.4—there are studies for Beta alanine at numerous daily doses; therefore, what is the optimal dose? According to the research, the results can be seen at just 1.6 G/day, with additional benefits at higher doses. The most conclusive clinical studies on Beta-Alanine recommend 3.2G or more daily. We've increased the dosage of GHOST LEGEND® to guarantee that each serving contains the full 3.2G clinical dose.

Natural Caffeine - 250MG

For a smooth, clean kick and fewer crashes*, GHOST LEGEND® contains 250 mg of natural caffeine from coffee beans per serving.


Nitrosigine® is a pump ingredient that has been proven clinically to be five times more effective than Arginine (through more than 30 supporting studies and ten patents). Because, seriously, Nitrosigine® is scientifically engineered to last up to six hours*, GHOST LEGEND® contains a full 1.5G dose of this premium, new-school pump ingredient in each serving.


Even though this is a brand-new ingredient for the GHOST® family of products, we've been obsessed with it for a long time and wanted to make sure it was in the V2 formula. Why? Senactiv® supports the healthy regeneration of muscle cells as well as the production of ATP (energy), recovery, and endurance. That's enough.*


The free-form amino acid L-tyrosine quickly penetrates the blood-brain barrier. Tyrosine's ability to boost dopamine and epinephrine levels and increase the synthesis of multiple neurotransmitters is its primary performance-enhancing feature. Tyrosine supplements have been shown to boost mood and focus in studies. With GHOST LEGEND®'s full 1000 mg per serving, we're pretty sure you'll be ready.


Alpha-GPC is a nootropic that has significant cognitive advantages. It's great to have a lot of energy, but it's just as important to be able to focus and channel that energy during your workout.


NeuroFactorTM is a patented, all-natural extract of the whole coffee plant's fruit, including the bean. It has been shown in clinical studies to improve brain and cognitive function in ways that your morning cup of coffee can't even begin to match.

Ingredients & Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Scoops per serving

Servings Per Container: 25

GHOST® Full Disclosure Label
25 Two-Scoop Servings (50 total scoops for maximum versatility)
4G L-Citrulline (Vegan-Fermented)
3.2G Beta-Alanine
1.5G Nitrosigine®
300MG Alpha-GPC
250MG Natural Caffeine
100MG NeuroFactor™

Premium Quality

All GHOST® products feature a 100% transparent label that fully discloses the dose of each active ingredient. Zero proprietary blends mean you know what you’re getting in each and every scoop.

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