El Jefe Guerilla Series Pre Workout
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El Jefe Guerilla Pre Workout

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Product Description

The El Jefe Guerilla series takes El Jefe and El Jefe Ltd to new heights, combining a performance and pump matrix with energy and focus ingredients. Bringing you a stimulant pre-workout that not only gives you an energy boost but amps up your muscle pumps.

What’s inside Guerilla Series El Jefe?

Check out the ingredient panel in our image gallery to see the full rundown of ingredients. At a glance, you have an excellent set of stimulant ingredients to give you that drive and boost to hit the gym harder than ever. As well as a decent set of focus ingredients, getting you in the zone and enhancing the mind-muscle connection. The aim here is to bring you smooth energy and insane focus. All of this is combined with the pump and power output matrix, volumising the muscle cells, hydrating them and giving you a massive muscle pump. All while delivering improved performance. What more could you ask for in a pre-workout?!

What are the benefits of the Guerilla Series El Jefe?

Guerilla Series El Jefe isn’t just a stimulant pre-workout, it’s packed with ingredients to enhance your focus and muscle pump too. You will feel the benefit of a clearer head, improved focus, enhanced performance and skin-splitting pumps. So you’ll be able to hit the gym hard and smash your workout.

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Niall Rusk
Fantastic product

Great focus and Pump

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