Bolero Sugar-Free Water Flavour Enhancer Sample
Bolero Drink Sticks
Bolero Drink Sticks

Bolero Sugar-Free Water Flavour Enhancer Sample

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Product Description

With BOLERO Sticks drink mix, you get to enjoy all the delicious flavours in a low calorie style. It's convenient in weight and size, and can be used easily – just add one stick to 500ml of cold water, and stir. You’ll want to take it everywhere you go!

Bolero Drinks are sugar free, tasty and a healthy choice

Bolero Drinks are tasty powdered fruit flavoured drinks in a sachet, which makes them easy to use by just dissolving the content of a sachet in water (still or sparkling). Take them anywhere you go for instant flavour to your drinks.

Bolero Drinks are gluten and sugar free, very low in calories, contains only natural colorants and no preservatives.

Bolero Drinks are also very suitable for people that choose a healthy lifestyle, diabetics, for people that for any reason cannot consume sugar or persons that are on a diet.

Bolero Drinks are sugar free
Bolero Drinks are especially suitable for diabetics
Bolero Drinks are very affordable and is a brand with a wide range of flavours
Bolero Drinks can be prepared with soda/sparkling water or tap water
Bolero Drinks are recommended by dietitians and are low in calories
You could make up to 500ml of Bolero Drink with one stick depending on your taste
Bolero Drinks are a great tasting healthy choice
Bolero Drinks are conveniently packed so you can take them along anywhere you go, to your work(out), on vacation and so on
Bolero Drinks can also be used in your favourite recipes like desserts, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, cakes, muffin, frostings and so on
With Bolero Drinks you can create an endless different flavours by combining two or more flavours like Orange and Peach or Lemon and Cola
Bolero Drinks will fit right into your low calorie needs, if you are on a diet or wanting to lose some weight.

Suggested Use
Mix 1x 3g stick with 500ml water. Add more or less water to suit your taste preference

Sometimes misspelled as Belero

Customer Reviews

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Great brands

Great product line

Great place to deal with

Myself and my husband love AOB Nutrition's products. Their range is exactly what we need from 5htp to fish oils.

Video Owner
Better Price

Better priced than competitors

Happy to have found this product

After researching many Magnesium Glycinate products, I decided to purchase this one by KRATOX. There are NO ADDITIVES, or FILLERS. Happy to have found this product and I received my product securely wrapped.

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