ActiPH Water - 24x 600ml
ActiPH Water - 24x 600ml
ActiPH Water - 24x 600ml
ActiPH Water - 24x 600ml
ActiPH Water - 24x 600ml
ActiPH Water - 24x 600ml

ActiPH Water - 24x 600ml

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Product Description

Charge Up

Actiph is the UK’s first high alkaline, ionised water. Supercharged to a pH 9.0+, it offers hydration with a refreshing taste for people who live an active, balanced lifestyle.

We purify spring water from Shropshire, add electrolytes and ionise. This supercharges the water to a high alkaline pH 9.0+ by removing sour tasting acidic ions to give you a refreshing clean and smooth taste as you hydrate.

When you live an active, balanced lifestyle, you can feel energised and motivated to get more out of your life, bettering yourself everyday.

Our SuperCharging Process

1. PURIFICATION - We begin with only the purest natural spring water from a single source – Wenlock Spring in Shropshire – and then purify it even further using reverse osmosis for a refreshingly clean taste.

2. ELECTROLYTES - We then add our own unique formula of electrolytes and minerals to provide a smooth taste.

3. IONISATION - By electrically charging the water using platinum and titanium plates, we can strip out the sour tasting acidic ions.

The result is a high pH alkaline water that hydrates with a refreshingly clean and silky taste.

The pH Scale

Many of the food and drinks we consume today to provide a ‘quick fix’ are acidic, including drinks like colas, sports drinks and coffee. These often contain sugar, caffeine, artificial ingredients and high calorie counts.

Actiph provides an alkaline alternative with no calories, sugar, sweeteners or caffeine.

Zero Calories. Zero Sugar. Wero Sweeteners. Zero Caffeine

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