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    1 product

    The Biotech USA Mission:

    • to spread the power of moving and connect people all around the world
    • to promote healthy and fit lifestyle and support wellbeing
    • to encourage dedicated talents to grow
    • to provide high-quality, safe and tasteful food supplements

    From CEO Bálint Lévai:

    "BioTechUSA’s history started in 1993 when my father founded his first company, JLM Power Line. It was a small family business distributing gym equipment in Hungary, but after a while he realized there are greater opportunities in sport-related food supplements. In the last 20 years from a small family business BioTechUSA has become one of Europe’s largest producers and distributors of food supplements and functional foods. I am certain that working as a family is the main reason of our success.

    At BioTechUSA we believe that greatest wealth is health, and we want to help people all around the world to live a healthy and fulfilled life. So, if you are ready to reach your fitness goal, we will support you with personalized solutions, professional advices and high-quality food supplements.

    Join our world and with our help you'll be able to Feel The Success of your new YOU!"

    The Biotech USA products & services

    Eat well, have a balanced diet and workout regularly: the basics for a healthy and fit lifestyle. But sometimes it is hard to decide what a balanced diet means for you personally. At BioTechUSA we offer not only products, but also personalized advices to help you changing your lifestyle!

    Our highly trained specialist consultants in our stores provide a personally tailored, complex recommendation as a free service by your purchase. It helps you to get the food supplement perfect for your age, gender, health condition and purpose.