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Product Description

Maltodextrin is a processed carbohydrate derived from natural starches, such as corn, rice, potato, or wheat. It serves a crucial role, particularly favoured by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for its rapid absorption rate and ease of digestion. This polysaccharide is structurally complex, consisting of multiple glucose units linked together, yet it breaks down quickly in the body, making it an efficient source of quick energy.

Its primary appeal lies in its ability to rapidly spike blood sugar levels, thereby providing an immediate energy boost during intense workouts or competitions, aiding in performance and endurance.

Maltodextrin not only helps in quick energy replenishment but also plays a significant role in muscle recovery and repair post-exercise. By spiking insulin levels, it facilitates the transport of proteins and other nutrients into muscle cells, enhancing the recovery process.

Furthermore, its neutral taste and high solubility make it an excellent additive to various sorts of drinks and shakes, improving their texture without altering the flavour.

Suggested Use

Mix 1 serving (30g = 3 tablespoons) of the product in a mixing bottle with 250 ml of water or liquid of your choice. On training days, take one serving within 4 hours after intense exercise or during exercise for prolonged training. On the morning of rest days after intense training days, take 1 serving.

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