Smelling Salts

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    Since the 13th century, smelly salts have been used for medicinal purposes. Smelling salts are no longer popular in most medical settings, but they were once frequently utilized to treat fainting or prevent it. Smelling salts can still be purchased for personal use over the counter.

    Smelling salts are made of a chemical with a strong smell, usually ammonia. The pungent odour of the smelling salts jolts an unconscious person back to consciousness when inhaled.

    Athletes are beginning to use smelling salts to improve their athletic performance, although they are no longer commonly used. Smelling salts have acquired a dubious reputation as a result of this. However, using smelling salts is safe.

    Smelling salts are sometimes used by athletes who want to boost their performance. A strong inhalation reflex occurs when salts are inhaled, bringing in more oxygen and air. This might make you more alert. It is also used when a person or athlete passes out because blood flow to the brain is reduced (especially when a boxer is hit in the head and passes out).