Vitamin C & Zinc - 90 Tablets
Vitamin C & Zinc - 90 Tablets
Vitamin C & Zinc - 90 Tablets

Vitamin C & Zinc - 90 Tablets

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Product Description

Designed to protect the body’s natural defences, this combination of Vitamin C and Zinc is ideal for anyone looking to support their overall health and immunity.

Product Highlights

  • Vitamin C and Zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system
  • Supports the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Zinc contributes to normal cognitive function
  • Vitamin C 200mg per 1 Tablet, providing 250% of your Nutrient Reference Value.
  • Zinc 15mg per 1 Tablet, providing 150% of your Nutrient Reference Value.

More Information

This high-strength formula provides 250% NRV of Vitamin C to support immunity, energy and vitality, and skin health.

It also contains a high strength dose of Zinc, an essential trace mineral that supports the immune system, promotes a healthy metabolism, and helps to maintain normal cognitive function and vision.

Vitamin C and Zinc are also both natural antioxidants, meaning that they help to protect the body’s cells against oxidative stress and damage.

    Suggested Use

    Swallow one tablet daily, with food or as advised by your healthcare practitioner. Do not exceed the stated daily intake.

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