USN Trust Crunch Protein Bars
USN Trust Crunch Protein Bars - 12x 60g
USN Trust Crunch Bars - Nutrition

USN Trust Crunch Protein Bars - 12x 60g

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Product Description

An decadent, high-protein snack, USN Trust Crunch Protein Bars have swiftly gained popularity as a healthier alternative to satisfy those sweet cravings.

USN Trust Crunch Protein Bar Highlights

  • 20g protein per bar
  • Less than 2.5g sugar

The Perfect Snack

Each delectable bar provides over 20g of high-quality protein and less than 2.5g of sugar, promoting muscle growth all day long while preventing the accumulation of excess calories.

On The Go

This bar is the ideal on-the-go snack to enjoy anywhere and at any time because it is extremely convenient and macro-friendly.

Guilt Free

The Trust line of products gives ordinary athletes the oomph they need to succeed. Whatever the motivation, USN Trust has the strength. Losing weight, getting in shape, or developing muscle

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