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Strom Sports Support Max - 120 Capsules

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Product Description

Full spectrum On cycle support product designed with real gym goers in mind in connection with Dave 'the Freak' Crosland.

Product note - product may smell of sulfur / eggs - this is normal.

1 months supply
120 caps - 4 caps a day

Can be taken in contest prep or off-season - stacks well with SupportMax Neuro

Per 4-capsule serving

Vitamins D3 - 5000iu
Selenium - 100mcg
N-Acetyl Cysteine - 1,000mg
Co-Q10 - 100mg
TUDCA - 250mg
Betaine HCL - 500mg
Citrus bergamot - 500mg
Dandelion root extract - 100mg
Hawthorn berry - 100mg

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