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Total War Pre Workout

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Product Description

Redcon Total War is a pre-workout like no other. If you are looking to take your training intensity to the extreme then you need to be looking at adding Total War to your pre-workout routine.

Total War combines the strongest compounds to provide the user with an all in one pre-workout that offers intense energy, lazor focus and skin splitting muscle pumps. Total War is not for the faint-hearted and will leave you smashing through plateaus and buzzing to get to the gym after taking a scoop!

Redcon Total War is designed for anyone who takes their training serious, undegoes strenuous, intense workouts and needs a pre-workout to get them through the toughest of workouts with blistering energy as well as a decent pump blend to provide you with a stim and pump based pre-workout.

Stimulant blend

Total War includes a number of strong stimulants providing the user with insane energy levels taking you through long workouts. 6 potent stimulants in total for you stim lovers out there!

Pump Matrix

It's not often you come across a pre-workout that provides high doses of stim-based ingredients but also pump enhancers to leave you with skin splitting pumps when training. Total War contains a hefty 6g citrulline malate and 1g agmatine sulfate which both contribute to long-lasting muscle pumps while training, a key factor in muscle connection.

Total war also contains a hefty 3.2g of beta-alanine which is a proven formula to support increases in both muscle endurance as well as helping to buffer lactic acid build which will delay the muscle burn which can often lead you finishing your sets before complete muscle failure

Key Features of Total War Pre Workout

  • Enhanced focus
  • Skin splitting muscle pumps
  • Aimed at advanced pre-workout users

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