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Protein Cream 400g
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Protein Cream 400g
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Protein Cream 400g

Protein Cream 400g

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Product Description

"It's like Nutella, but with added protein"

Epic Taste
18% Protein
No Added Sugar
Fine cocoa and freshly roasted hazelnuts

With our soft-melting protein CREAM we have succeeded in combining incredible taste and top nutrition.

Our Protein Cream is the perfect alternative to the classic chocolate nut spread. More than 18g of high-quality whey isolate meets less than 0.1g of sugar.


Protein spread with sweetener and whey protein isolate. Ingredients: sweetener (maltitol), vegetable oil (rape, palm), whey protein isolate, hazelnut (10%), strongly deoiled cocoa powder (8%), emulsifier (soy lecithin), hazelnut flavour.

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