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Natty Stack

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Product Description

This is the ultimate!

Chaos Crew Natty Stack is a muscle building product like no other. Combining four ingredients, including patented ingredients Brainberry® and Cellflo6™. Natty Stack includes 1000 mg of Turkesterone, 500 mg of Cellflo6™, 200 mg of Laxogenin and 65 mg of Brainberry®. Bringing you a product that not only helps to build lean muscle and boost protein synthesis, but also provides nootropic effects, improves blood flow and aids in recovery.

What is the Chaos Crew Natty Stack?

The Chaos Crew Natty Stack combines natural muscle building ingredients Turkesterone and Laxogenin with two of the worlds best patented ingredients, Brainberry® and Cellflo6™. Combining all 4 ingredients into one stack brings you a well dosed food supplement that boosts muscle growth AND provides the nootropic benefits of Brainberry® with the recovery and cardiovascular benefits of Cellflo6™. This is one super charged product!

What is Brainberry?

Brainberry® is a highly effective nootropic ingredient, extracted from Aronia Melanocarpa berries cultivated in the Baltic region of Europe. Aronia has an exceptionally high concentration of active cyanidin glycosides (powerful antioxidants that pass the blood brain barrier), making it the perfect ingredient for improving brain health. Cyanidins may improve focus and hand eye coordination, giving your brain a major boost.

What is Cellflo6™?

Cellflo6™ is a proprietary high performance green tea extract ingredient, created via a double extraction process to boost catechin levels. Green tea catechins have been studied for their effects on cardiovascular, immune and metabolic health. By using a double extraction process, the level of catechins (galloylated procyanidins in this case) have been increased. Catechins are believed to contribute to high performance and they have muscle recovery properties.

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