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Mega Pump

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Product Description

Mega Pump is our non-stimulant pre-workout that was created to provide supreme focus and savage pumps.

We use Nitrosigine® which is a patented form of Arginine. Nitrosigine® has been shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) production, resulting in improved blood flow, focus, and energy. Mega Pump also includes AlphaZone®, which improves cognitive function and provides laser-like focus.

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Active Ingredients:
L Citrulline- 5000mg
Glycersize - 2500mg
ALCAR - 1500mg
Bitter Melon Extract - 1000mg
Beetroot Extract - 1000mg
Nitrosigne - 1000mg
Pine Bark - 500mg
Alpha GPC (Alpha Zone) - 250mg

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