Maxitone Thin Top Shaker Pink - 700ml

Maxitone Thin Top Shaker Pink - 700ml

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Product Description

700ml capacity
Manufactured by Buchsteiner
Screw Top with Plastic Filter
Perfect for Gym and On-The-Go

The premium and most durable of shakers, the Maxitonee 700ml Shaker with a red top is the UK's "favourite" gym accessory. Pop your protein or sports nutrition powder into the original, bestselling protein shaker, add some water, shake and drink. The easy to clean plastic filter mixes good quality powders quickly without any mess - the added value of using our Maximuscle powdered drinks is that they mix effortlessly and taste great - especially with our real fruit flavouring.

We recommend that you use several Maximuscle protein shakers for your different supplements, for use throughout the day. The iconic red screw cap top is easy to close and quickly becomes water tight to prevent leakage or drips when drinking.

WARNING: Do not use the shaker with hot or warm fluids. Shaking hot fluids in a sealed container can cause a build up of pressure, causing the contents to be forced out of the lid when opened.

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