Lo Dough Vanilla Sponge Mix
Vanilla Sponge Mix from Lo Dough
Lo Dough Vanilla Sponge Cake up-close
Lo Dough Vanilla Sponge Mix
Lo Dough Vanilla Sponge Mix

Lo Dough Vanilla Sponge Mix

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Product Description

Lo-Dough’s Vanilla Sponge Mix lets you have your cake and eat it too. Make any cake, any style, suit any diet. Victoria Sponge, Lemon Drizzle, Carrot Cake; the only limit is your imagination.

Light, moist, sweet and delicious, and considerably lower in calories than anything else on the market.

47 calories per portion
Makes 6 generous wedges
1.1g fat
Low-impact carbs (1.4g)
Sugar free
High protein
High fibre
Gluten free
Incredibly versatile

Any way you cut it, this cake is amazing.

You simply won't believe the level of indulgence you can experience for just 47 calories and 1.4g of net carbs per wedge of sponge cake.

It’s gluten free, high protein and each piece contains 6.9g of gut-friendly fibre. All this makes a wedge of Lo-Dough’s vanilla sponge a positively healthy choice!

One bag of our mix makes six satisfying portions. As soon as you bite through, you’ll be greeted with the familiar taste of delicious, soft vanilla sponge.

Thanks to its low sugar, high fibre content, our endlessly adaptable sponge cakes are great to share with your friends, and the just-add-water mix is perfect for simple, family-friendly baking.

The real joy of our mix is that it’s the foundation for countless recipes and interpretations. Why not try a carrot cake? Or a lemon drizzle? Add cocoa for a chocolate cake. Top with cream and jam, or chocolate—or both! Warm up a slice in the microwave on a cold day and serve with custard. If you are eating alone, it also makes a magical microwave mug cake.

Our cake is your blank canvas, paint it any way you like.


"Low calorie and gluten free, perfect for a wee treat. I'm experimenting with different mug cake recipes."

"Best healthy cake mix EVER."

"Really enjoy this lo dough mix. I love the consistency its not a lite sponge mix more dense or heavy but I prefer this kind of consistency. For us it's definitely 5*. Alan."


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