L-Tryptophan - 120x 500mg
L-Tryptophan - 120x 500mg
L-Tryptophan - 120x 500mg

L-Tryptophan - 120x 500mg

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Product Description

L-tryptophan, which is contained in these capsules in high doses, is one of the essential, vital amino acids that cannot be produced by the body itself and must therefore be supplied via food. Animal and vegetable protein, which is found in pork, chicken, fish, soybeans, nuts and eggs, among others, contains a certain natural amount of the amino acid L-tryptophan, but this is often too low to fully meet the need. A nutritional supplement with capsules therefore makes sense, but is in no way a substitute for a balanced, varied diet - by the way, this applies to all nutritional supplements and supplements.

L-tryptophan for a better sleep

L-tryptophan is converted to serotonin in the brain. If there is sufficient serotonin in the body, it can be converted to melatonin , which is colloquially known as the sleep hormone and influences the day-night rhythm and prepares the body for the upcoming night time sleep. The tryptophan capsules can therefore be used as a (sleep) aid for (ins) sleep disorders to ensure a relaxed, restful sleepand favor more energy the next day. The body's regeneration phase can also be improved. Shortened sleep and healthy sleep are important for the recovery and performance of the body - and of course not only after sports, fitness and bodybuilding, but in general, because better sleep promotes well-being in every situation!

Tryptophan for increased well-being

Tryptophan capsules should be taken with sufficient fluid about 30 minutes before bed. Why? Because L-tryptophan is the precursor of serotonin , which is also known as the happiness hormone. The body's own hormone determines, among other things, our mental well-being and mood. The ZEC + Tryptophan capsules are a versatile food supplement that supplies the body with this essential L-amino acid.

Recommended Use

Take 1-4 capsules 30 minutes before going to sleep

500mg L-Tryptophan per capsule
2000mg L-Tryptophan per 4 capsules


L-Tryptophan (83%), Capsule (Gelatin, Colour (Titanium Dioxide)), Anti-Caking Agent (Magnesium Salts of Fatty Acids)


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