Crunchy Biscuits from In The Zone
GAA-endorsed high-protein biscuits from In The Zone
In The Zone Biscuits - endorsed by the GAA
In The Zone Biscuits - Nutrition
In the Zone GAA Biscuits - Salted Caramel

In The Zone Biscuits - 12x 50g

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Product Description

Introducing In The Zone Biscuits - high protein, low sugar snacks from an Irish bakehouse; and the first functional foods endorsed by the GAA Gaelic Players Association.

Crunchy Biscuits endorsed by the GAA

High protein
Low sugar
GPA - The Player's Choice

Sean Murphy, Managing Director of East Coast Bakehouse, the brand behind 'In The Zone':

“We are incredibly excited to launch a new Irish protein brand - In the Zone, and we are proud to launch it with the endorsement of the GAA and GPA. It is no secret there is continued growing demand for high protein snacking options, but the majority of these protein snacks are imported into Ireland.”

“We are confident that there is a significant opportunity for Irish retailers and consumers to support a great tasting Irish protein brand, with product proudly made in Ireland.”

“We’ve had a fantastic consumer response already, and we look forward to building momentum with a strong consumer launch plan to drive brand awareness and product trial”.

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