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Hydro & Salt BCAA (Podium)
Hydro & Salt - Sour Watermelon

Hydro & Salt

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Product Description

Podium Hydro & Salt® can be used pre, intra, or post workout, and any other time of the day.

Stay hydrated. Stay salty. Stay recovered.

Providing 400mg of electrolytes and critical hydration with Aquamin® and Coconut [Water] Powder. That would be enough for most products in this category, but we added 6,000 mg of instantized vegan fermented BCAA’s to take it to the next level along with AstraGin® to maximize the body’s absorption of it all.

More about Podium

Mat Fraser, five-time CrossFit Games champ and Fittest Man in History joined forces with award-winning documentarians and CrossFit HQ media team alum Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers (aka the “Buttery Bros”) as well as industry legend Paul Haverland to bring Podium to the market.

Podium's products are guided by three principles: experience, efficacy, and honesty. After nearly a year of consulting with athletes, coaches, and gym owners, the team has created complete disclosure products that are responsive to the community's needs and effective for all athletes--whether it's high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, or endurance sports.


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