H2O Remoove
H2O Remoove

H2O Remoove

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Product Description

A potent natural diuretic water management system, designed to reveal a drier, leaner and more vascular physique by removing excess water trapped underneath the skin.

H20 Remoove Diuretic is a full strength water management system. Designed to promote a drier, leaner and more vascular looking physique by removing excess water trapped under the skin.

H20 Remoove™ is a potassium sparing formula so will not cause cramping or dangerous side effects like prescription diuretics – also it is a very low stimulant package with a small level of caffeine only to enhance uptake and increase water shedding for maximum cuts but without interfering with other fat burner supplements or causing unwanted heart palpitations etc.

Recommended Use

  • As an adult dietary supplement, use the maintenance protocol of 3 capsules once daily with 16 oz. or more of water to support the effects.
  • For maximum desired effects for prior competition or event, use 3 capsules, three times daily (9 capsules total), not to exceed the maximum usage for more than 5 continuous days.
  • Always consult your physician prior to using any dietary supplement.

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