Collagen Premium 500
Collagen Premium 500

Collagen Premium 500

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Collagen Premium 500 is a hydrolyzed collagen, reinforced with vitamin C.  It provides support to the skin, joints, and ligaments by maintaining the connective tissue structure. 

Collagen is a fibrous protein found in the skin, cartilage, and bones, as well as all connective tissues of the body. It is also present in the vitreous membrane of the eye to provide viscosity. It is a natural protein that supports the structural system of the body. The main function of collagen is to provide strength and elasticity to the connective tissue. It represents 25% of total body protein content.


Keeps joints healthy and flexible.
Increases skin firmness and elasticity, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.
Reduces the risk of arthritis and arthrosis.
Accelerates wound healing after trauma and surgery.
Is a key component in the recovery processes.
Reduces the risk of a musculoskeletal disorder.

Suggested Use:

Adults take 1 capsule daily with any meal.


The popularity of collagen can hardly be overestimated. The modern market dictates quality of life improvement trends, that forces manufacturers to adopt all kinds of revolutionary methods in the consumer product manufacturing. Some of these products are lipstick, candy, various drinks. Why are many manufacturers now trying to include collagen in their products?

As we know, collagen is a filamentous protein and one-third of all the protein in the human body. Collagen is the major structural component of bones, hair, nails, tendons, teeth. This protein is involved in the formation of veins, arteries, and various capillaries.


It all lies in the ability to “glue” the cells of the body together, forming a single whole. Your body cannot always produce enough collagen, its synthesis decreases with age. When it happens, the skin starts to lose elasticity, the bones become more brittle, the joints become stiffer and less flexible. In general, quality of life starts to drop.

Collagen can reduce wrinkles, slow skin aging, improve its protective properties, making the skin smoother and restoring its elasticity. Of course, these are extremely appealing properties that make collagen exceedingly popular among women. Even seasoned athletes are willing to include this protein in their diet. Collagen accelerates muscle growth while stimulating muscle protein synthesis and improving the quality of the workout.


This product is not intended for use by people who are allergic to or intolerant of ingredients, like eggs, milk, fish, various seafood, wheat, nuts, and soy. Modern collagen production incorporates these products into the collagen manufacturing process and thereby endangers people suffering from allergy. Therefore, before buying a product you like, we recommend that you study its composition carefully. Furthermore, protein digestion puts additional stress on kidneys and liver. We advise people who have problems with these organs to take collagen with caution.


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