EXP1 Pre Workout

EXP1 Pre Workout

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Product Description

Project X is here with a Pre-Workout that packs a punch!

Project X EXP 1 is brand new a high stim pre-workout. You can expect a high stim buzz, massive skin splitting pumps and a major boost in energy, so you can smash every workout you walk into.

With 3 tasty flavours to choose from, Sour Gummies, Drumstick and Sour Lemonade and Cherry Candy (think Nerds candy flavour!). We’re certain Project X EXP 1 will be your new every day Pre-Workout, don’t miss out on the buzz!

What’s in Project X EXP 1?

EXP 1 includes patented ingredient Watts’up™. Watts’up™ is produced from Orange Flavonoids, boosting your performance from the very start of your workout. Watts’up™ helps to increase blood flow by naturally stimulating the production of nitric oxide and by boosting oxygen transport to the muscles. Watts’up™ increases energy efficiency at a cellular level allowing the body to make more ATP to give you an extra boost when you need it. Expect big pumps, and a quick acting energy hit, Watts’up™ begins working only 15 minutes after consumption.

As well as Watts’up™, EXP 1 also includes the S7™ pump ingredient, S7™ combines 7 plant based ingredients which are known to increase nitric oxide production up to 230%. Increasing blood flow to your muscles, allowing faster nutrient delivery and giving you an extra kick to push further.

Alongside the pump ingredients, EXP 1 also includes TeaCrine®, a stimulant similar to caffeine. It will work synergistically with the 350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous included in EXP 1, giving you the same buzz as Caffeine, but with a longer lasting effect. This helps to avoid major crashes often experienced after stimulant use.

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