Micellar Curcumin - 27mg x60
Micellar Curcumin - 27mg x60
Micellar Curcumin - 27mg x60

Micellar Curcumin - 27mg x60

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The turmeric plant provides the valuable raw material for this dietary supplement , which can benefit health with its high bioavailability and high water and fat solubility. The micellar curcumin obtained from the plant is contained in the HEALTH + capsules as a high-dose extract and can act as an anti-inflammatory and booster for the immune system, including for inflammation and colds.

Curcumin - the dye with a special effect

The turmeric plant (Curcuma longa or also called goldenseal) is known for its versatile effects and has been valued as an ingredient or spice in Asian and Indian medicine and cuisine for many millennia. As an important component, turmeric gives many curry mixes and dishes their typical saffron-yellow and intense colour. It is one of the natural colouring agents that are also permitted in foods and dietary supplements and is labelled with the food additive number E100.

The active ingredient curcumin contained in the HEALTH + capsules comes from the rhizome of the turmeric plant, i.e. the subterranean stem system. It is one of the secondary plant substances (curcuminoids) that are formed by the plant to protect itself against predators and pathogens.

Curcumin is valued primarily for its anti-inflammatory effects , which can support the immune system in the fight against acute and chronic inflammation. It inhibits the hormone prostaglandins , which plays an essential role in triggering and developing inflammation, as well as the inflammation-controlling enzymes COX-2 (cyclooxygenase-2) and LOX (lipoxygenase). Pain relieving drugs such as ibuprofen / diclofenac (COX-2) or asthma medication (LOX) also inhibit these enzymes, but can cause side effects. The HEALTH + capsules as a dietary supplement can display a similar mode of action, as the curcumin they contain acts as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

27mg Curcumin per capsule with 7mcg Vitamin D (140% RDA)

Curcumin with high bioavailability

So that curcumin can be optimally used by the body in sufficient quantities, many manufacturers of dietary supplements combine it with black pepper (piperine), which increases the bioavailability of the active ingredient by around 20 times. But there is still room for improvement! For this reason, the bioavailability of the micellar curcumin contained in the HEALTH + capsules has been increased 185 times that of native curcumin using a specially developed technology.

The procedure makes curcumin, which is normally only fat soluble, now fat and water soluble so that it can penetrate the membranes of the intestine better. The body can use it much better and for this reason two capsules a day with an amount of 55 mg curcumin are completely sufficient to use the full potential of the plant substance as a dietary supplement.


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