Standardized Cistanche Supplement

Cistanche - 30x 210mg

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Product Description

Our Standardized Cistanche uses potent plant extracts to strengthen immunological senescence and promote lifespan.

Helps maintain healthy immune function
Supports blood pressure already within normal range
Encourages healthy glucose metabolism
Promotes longevity

Standardized Cistanche helps maintain already-healthy blood pressure and promotes a healthy inflammatory response. Our formula helps maintain a healthy immunological response, improves longevity, and supports healthy T-cell growth.

Take steps today to support longevity and youthful immune function by supplementing with Standardized Cistanche.

Our solution makes use of the plant extracts present in Cistanche, which are mostly recognised for aiding longevity, to support more than just good ageing aspects. The echinacosides in echinacea support an already healthy inflammatory response and blood pressure.


210mg Cistanche tubulosa extract per capsule
- Standardized to 22% echinacosides 
Added Vitamin C

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