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Body Fat Calipers

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Doctors, personal trainers, and nutritionists recommend the periodic measurement of body fat for maintaining proper health status. Enjoy the ability to measure body fat easily by yourself, in the privacy of your own home, with the reliability and accuracy that is expected of today's registered medical devices.

Body Fat Caliper
Men's and Women's Body Fat Measurement Charts
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Our body fat caliper offers all the benefits of a caliper in a small and inexpensive package. The unique spring-arm provides consistent pressure for accurate readings. Exact measurements for width and thickness are easier to achieve with a body fat caliper.

This affordable model doesn’t skimp on the functionality. Use it for inside, outside, depth and step measurements. It measures up to 150mm (15cm / 6 inches). Measurements are accurate to 0.05mm (1/128th of an inch). Read measurements in both SAE and metric units.

Great for personal or client use.

Help your clients visualize their progress. Using a body fat caliper will them focus less on the number itself and more on the changes in the number. Get consistent readings and gauge your own progress as you work to transform your body.

Use for inside, outside, depth and step measurements
Accurately measure / Precision : 1/128 inch or 0.05 mm
Made using plastic
Unique spring-arm for consistent pressure
Ideal for getting exact measurements of width and thickness
Measuring range: 150mm / 6 inches
Resolution: 0.01mm (0.001 inch)
Units: SAE & Metric

How to Use Our Body Fat Calipers

When taking a skinfold the basic idea is to “pinch and pull.” Attempt to separate the fat tissue from the surrounding tissue with a good pinch, and then pull away from the body just slightly.

Once you feel like you have a good pinch, perform these steps:

Place the calipers about 1 cm to the side of your fingers.
Press on the serrated thumb pad next to the word “press” until the two arrows line up.
Note the measurement on the little scale to the right of the arrows. The hashes are in increments of two. That means one mark lower than 20 is 18.
Release the pinch and repeat all of these steps several times for all sites.

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Also spelt Body Fat Callipers

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