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1 product

Solgar is the result of over 70 years of commitment to quality, health and well-being. Our mission throughout the decades has remained the same: to create the finest nutritional supplements in small batches, made possible through tireless research, using only the finest raw materials.

When it comes to quality, Solgar is The Gold Standard.

  • Science backed formulas
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients
  • Avoiding the use of artificial ingredients or fillers
  • Small batch, in-house manufacturing
  • Highest quality standards: USP water filtration, HEPA Air Filtration
  • Recyclable amber glass bottles
  • Continual pursuit of bold innovation
  • Creating what people need, not just what’s trending
  • Commitment to the community through charity
  • Accountability to our partners and to you

Solgar has been leveraging the science of nature since 1947 to introduce some of the world’s first and finest nutritional supplements

The passion and commitment of Solgar and the people who buy our products has not changed for over 70 years. That’s why we sell more innovated supplements in more countries around the world than any other supplement brand. And it’s also why 98% of Solgar consumers recommend the brand*.

What Leads Us

Your health is serious; not a trend or something to ignore.  Our formulations are specifically designed to support wellness, which is why we’ve always been led by diligent research, science, and the power of nature.  But most of all, we’ve been led by you.

Nature’s ingredients.  Solgar science. Your health.

Made by Solgar

We carefully manufacture Solgar vitamins and supplements in our own manufacturing facilities.  Believe it or not, for other supplement brands, that’s rare.  Using select ingredients from around the world, we craft our products in small batches, with only the best raw materials.  We look to avoid artificial ingredients and unnecessary fillers, binders, or colourings.  Whenever possible, we make our products non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Kosher and Halal.  That’s the standard we hold ourselves to every day.