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    Discovered in 1905 by two Russian researchers, L-Carnitine is widely regarded as one of the most effective ways to foster endurance, burn fat and shorten post-workout recovery times.

    As a result, this amino-like substance has become a staple supplement with endurance athletes, bodybuilders and scores of health conscious individuals worldwide.

    L-carnitine works by potentially helping to convert fatty acids into fuel your body can use for energy, while at the same time promoting growth and development.

    The benefits don't stop at the end of your session. Since its discovery, more than 18,000 published studies have examined the benefits of L-carnitine. As a result, it's become one of the top studied dietary supplements ever introduced.

    The most notable have evaluated its ability to improve memory and mental capacity, heal sports-related injuries, support the cardiovascular system, boost male fertility and promote healthy skin.