Ambrosia Collective - makers of Planta Plant Protein

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Ambrosia Collective, the makers of Planta Plant Protein

"The Best Tasting Plant Protein in the World"

Planta Plant Protein is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle or if you're trying to find delicious ways to get more protein in your diet.

Premium Plant Protein
Independent 3rd Party Testing
Fortified with Sunflower Amino Acid
No Amino Spiking or Heavy Metals
100% Natural Flavours

Ambrosia Collective only use the highest quality ingredients

Contains SunBCAA Amino Acids at a Full 2:1:1 Ratio
Crafted from Organic Brown Rice Protein and Organic Peas
100 Calories per Serving, 20g of Protein, and 27 Vitamins & Minerals

Flavours You'll Love

These flavours taste way too good for 0 grams of sugar, try it for yourself and stay healthy with Planta Based protein today!

Plant Protein Perfection

Taste, mixability, texture, and even bio-availability have been refined to the level that Ambrosia is known for. This isn't your standard plant protein - This is something else. Once you try it, you'll see what we mean.


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