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RSP Nutrition

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More about RSP Nutrition

The year was 2008, and we were former college athletes who had recently graduated. We were sick of the 9-to-5 grind, and we wanted more out of life – to make an impact. We saw the world of fitness and nutrition evolving around us. Our friends and family bought more organic, natural foods. And, performance training was no longer just for collegiate and professional athletes. Busy professionals were now pushing themselves to new heights with HIIT, CrossFit and Metcon training. We loved a lot of the changes – it was easy to find delicious, real foods and workouts that would really push us to achieve like we had as athletes. But, as life got busier with careers and new responsibilities, we looked for nutritional products that could keep us going – whether at home, the office or the gym.

But, when we stopped at a local supplement shop to find a protein, vitamin or energy supplement, we often left unsatisfied. It was difficult to understand what each product did, and, at times, we found that some ingredients in stores were dangerous or, even illegal.

We were left with a simple question that no one seemed to be asking: “why don’t sports nutrition” companies make products for our everyday needs? We couldn’t come up with answers, so we decided to take action.

With nothing to our names – except a continued commitment to health and wellness – we left our jobs, and began developing innovative products. We were determined to make products that were effective, easy to understand using proven ingredients.

This concept was novel at the time, but it became our mission – our obsession. We sought to inspire fitness enthusiasts by creating products that helped them become their best selves, without sacrificing the rest of their lives.

At RSP Nutrition, we create products that put a premium on performance – without asking you to sacrifice the life you’ve worked so hard to earn. We live inspired by demanding the best of ourselves and our products – and by inspiring others to ask the same of themselves.

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