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More about Pandy

Pandy – The Protein Candy

Pandy Protein is the world’s first sugar-free and protein-enriched jelly candy. The growing prevalence of obesity, and the rapidly expanding confectionary market, prompted an innovative and ground breaking business idea: a healthy, accessible and tasty candy.

Driven by the vision of transforming the candy market, and of creating a niche for “healthy candy”, product development got underway – a process that would result in products with a balanced composition and taste, and meet the growing popularity of working out and protein-rich foods.

Today, Pandy has three different bagged jelly candy products that are entirely free from sugar, gluten and lactose. They also have a high protein content, are low in calories, and are packed with BCAA. The candy is made in Sweden with the best calibre ingredients and the highest quality standards.

The products were successfully launched during the 2015 Fitness Games, and since then have seen rapid growth in many parts of Europe. Pandy is headquartered in central Stockholm, and has nationwide distribution in Sweden and across the Nordics.

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