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Dr Zaks

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At Dr Zak's we develop what we call every day protein foods. Foods you are told to sacrifice in order to achieve your fitness and sporting goals. Foods that you love and miss.

Being the best you can be takes sacrifice and going without can be one of the hardest things to do, something I know all too well. Having travelled the globe competing as a professional bodybuilder I know reaching your goals can be 30% training and 70% diet so I went about creating my own revolution, high protein, low carbohydrate versions of the foods you struck of your shopping list in order to reach your peak.

My company’s ethos is simple; create new and exciting products using only the finest ingredients – after all, nothing is more important than what you put inside your body. In the gym your potential shouldn’t be compromised through bad habits and neither should taste. This is why we take our time when developing our range ensuring each product tastes as good, if not better than their standard versions.

I hope you enjoy the Dr Zak's range as much as I did creating it. I love hearing from our customers and getting feedback so please do get in touch.

- Dr Zak