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Bullseye Meats

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More about Bullseye Meats

Bring the Old West Flavor to Your Store

You will LOVE Bullseye Beef Jerky Snacks. We've perfected our recipes and produce Europe's Top Selling Beef Jerky Brand for over 15 years now. Our cuts are the freshest, our flavors are the best, and customers love our retail ready packaging. It's the ultimate impulse buy!

Since 2003, Bullseye Meats has provided the top quality Beef Jerky Snacks sold at finer retail outlets throughout Europe. We were the first EU-wide market producer of package beef jerky and we’re still the leader.

Our commitment to quality and our devotion to our retail partners and resellers has made Bullseye respected in the industry.

Our commitment to freshness and flavor also makes us #1 with customers throughout Europe.

Bullseye Meats Ireland