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Battle Snacks

Mix & Match 12 Bars: €24.99
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Birthday Cake

Battle Snacks

It’s 2014, and we looked around and saw not a single tasty protein bar out there that both stood tall nutritionally and tasted great too. Everything else was manufactured with a price-point in mind first, which meant ingredients you could not pronounce and nasty e-numbers. Yuk!

Also at this time, CrossFit was really starting to take off in UK and people wanted a more nutritious protein bar. We were young and a little out of our depth, but we decided to try make something ourselves.


We started the company with the help of no one. No venture capitalists. No high-priced consultants. No office. Just two best friends. Willing and skint. We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew we could do a better job with passion, belief, a shared vision and a strong work ethic.

This then led us to finding our family-run bakery that shared our vision and we've been with them ever since.